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Whispering Pines Ranch

Whispering Pines Ranch - Colorado mountain ranch in southern Colorado At an elevation of 7,200- 7,700 feet this mountain ranch subdivision is very tucked away and if you don't know where it is - you can't find it. Some mountain ranch parcels have 'killer' views of the interior valley, the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and the Spanish Peaks Mountains. The northern boundary of this mountain property actually abuts the Spanish Peaks State wildlife area, and has a private access for foot and horseback travel into this area. For the ultimate in privacy and seclusion this is a gated mountain community. Throughout the ranch land you'll find varied terrain with some great rock outcroppings, gorgeous meadows, and incredible interior views. There is abundant wild life; in fact, this is the 'elk highway' to the wildlife area. Most of the parcels have power and phone nearby, as well as good year round access roads.


Location: 12 miles north and west of Bon Carbo, Colorado

Number of Parcels & Approximate Acreage: 19 thirty-five acre tracts

Schools: Trinidad

Property Tax Range for Raw Land: $25.00-$30.00 per year per 35 acre

Special Assessments: ____Yes __x_None Known

Property Owner's Association (POA): __x_Yes ____No

POA Dues: $200.00

Covenants: ___Yes __x_No

    Highlights of Covenants: No lot may be subdivide less than 35 acres.

    Home Styles: No mobile homes.

    Home Sizes: Not specifically mentioned. Must meet all standard Las Animas building codes.

    Number of Dwellings: Not specifically mentioned. Must meet all standard Las Animas building codes.

    Setback Requirements: There is a 20-foot easement along all parcel property lines for installation and maintenance of utilities, ten feet on each side of the centerline.

    Home-Based Offices: Not specifically mentioned, thus allowed subject to Las Animas County regulations.

    Animals: No livestock, including but not limited to horses, cattle, mules, asses, goats, sheep, swine, buffalo, and lamas, shall be kept or maintained on any parcel, or any portion thereof, unless the parcel, or portion thereof used for livestock, shall be enclosed by a well constructed fence sufficient to turn ordinary horses and cattle, with all gates equally as good as the fence. Dogs, cats, or other household pets may be kept, provided they are kept under reasonable control at all times.

    Roads: Access roads are private and will not be maintained by the county or the developers. POA dues will be used to maintain all access roads.

    Camping: Recreation vehicles are okay. There are no written restrictions regarding "camping" periods.