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Santa Fe Trail Ranch

Santa Fe Trail Ranch - Mountain land in southern Colorado Santa Fe Trail Ranch has approximately 16,800 acres of mountain land including a Greenbelt Conservatory Belt along Gallinas Canyon. It is the largest mountain ranch subdivision in Las Animas County, Colorado. Historically it has been one of the better selling mountain ranches in the area, because it is within ten miles of the city of Trinidad, Colorado and provides mountain living with city amenities just around the corner. Nearly all parcels have power and phone. The Property Owners' Association is in the process of installing a central water system with "city water".


Location: 6-8 miles South of Trinidad, Colorado, just West of Interstate 25 at Exit 6.

Number of Parcels & Approximate Acreage: 450 thirty-five acre tracts

Schools: Trinidad

Property Tax Range for Raw Land: $15.00-$40.00 per year for 35 acre tracts.

Special Assessments: __x__Yes ____None Known
There is a $31.00 per month Metro District Water Assessment for each property.

Property Owner's Association (POA): __x__Yes ____No

POA Dues: $325 for unimproved lots and $472 for improved lots

Covenants: __x_Yes ____No

    Highlights of Covenants: No lot may be subdivided less than 35 acres. We have detailed Land Use and Property Disclosure Use information on file in our office. Here are a very few of the highlights.

    Home Styles: Not specifically stated. Must be in accordance with all applicable county codes. Temporary residences are permissible only with special one-year permit from the POA.

    Home Sizes: Not specifically stated. Must meet minimum county requirements. Manufactured housing is acceptable and must be permanently attached to an engineered foundation.

    Number of Dwellings: Not specifically stated. Must abide by county regulations. (No more than 2 dwelling units per 35 acre tract).

    Set-Back Requirements: Fifteen feet back from the perimeter of the lot boundary and thirty feet from roadway right of way.

    Home-Based Offices: All individual units shall be used for residential purposes only and shall not be used for any business, manufacturing, or commercial purpose whatsoever; provided, however, if the appropriate zoning so allows, an owner may use a specifically designated portion of such owner's individual lot as a home business office.

    Animals: Santa Fe Trail Ranch is a working ranch and the POA has a perpetual use and right to lease the grazing. Lot owners have the right to fence out livestock with approved four-wire fence.

    Roads: Common areas will be maintained by the POA.

    Camping: Travel trailers, RVs, Motor Homes, tents, and campers are allowed for renewable uninterrupted periods not to exceed six months. Following this period a permit must be obtained from the Board, or unit must be removed. The above shall not be visible from access roads, and must have self-contained, or approved, sewage service.

Web Site: www.santafetrailranch.com