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River Ranch Long's Canyon

River Ranch has good year round access on county maintained roads, close to Trinidad, Colorado. The elevation of River Ranch is 6,200 feet to 6,600 feet. Here you'll find a blend of cedar and pinion trees with some ponderosas. River Ranch is adjacent to Long's Canyon watchable wildlife refuge. You'll be able to take your horse and ride right into the south side of Trinidad Lake State Park On your ride you may be able to see quite a few deer and wild turkey along with several other varieties of animals. You may even stop and dismount to explore some of the remnants of old stone buildings, or walk the seasonal creek beds that may have fossils embedded in them. There's a good chance of finding arrowheads and other artifacts in many places throughout this ranch. Several properties have creeks or springs, and/or seasonal runoffs. There's a lot to explore in River Ranch and its proximity to Trinidad, the State Park, and the Watchable Wildlife Refuge all make this a prime place to call your own.


Location: Approximately 9 miles west of Trinidad on Highway 12. At the Madrid Bridge go left to CR 18.3.

Number of Parcels & Approximate Acreage: 38 thirty-five acre parcels

Schools: Trinidad

Property Tax Range for Raw Land: $15.00-$25.00 per year per 35-acre

Special Assessments: ____Yes __x_None Known

Property Owner's Association (POA): __x__Yes ____No

POA Dues: $300.00 per year (NOTE: The POA dues may be eliminated or reduced this year as most roads are currently being maintained by the county.)

Covenants: __x_Yes ____No

    Highlights of Covenants: No lot can be subdivided less than 35 acres.

    Home Styles: Mobile homes are absolutely prohibited. Conventional residences and manufactured homes are permitted provided they are built in accordance with the Uniform Building Code and all county and state codes. Modular homes are permitted only if they are built in accordance with the UBC, all other codes, and the landowners approve the design and location of the modular home.

    Home Sizes: Permanent residences must be a minimum of 1200 square feet of living space. Guest houses must be a minimum of 680 sq. ft. and cannot be used as a permanent residence.

    Number of Dwellings: Each lot is entitled to one permanent residence, one guest house, and outbuildings.

    Set-Back Requirements: All construction must be at least 100 feet from other River Ranch Longs Canyon lot lines, and not within 100 feet of any county or association road.

    Home-Based Offices: No commercial or business enterprises shall be permitted upon any lot that are inconsistent with the uses intended in the covenants. Home offices are allowed provided they do not create undue traffic, road deterioration or other hardships to property owners.

    Animals: Each Lot owner who maintains animals or livestock is responsible for maintaining fence lines so that livestock is restricted to the boundaries of the Lot. No Lot Owner will be permitted to maintain a feed lot on any Lot.

    Roads: All Association roads shall be maintained by the Landowners' Association. (NOTE: Currently the county maintains the majority of the roads.)

    Camping: Camp trailers, 5th wheels, motor homes and other similar quarters, excluding mobile homes, may be used for recreational purposes or as temporary residences while a permanent residence is being constructed. Recreational residences may be used for a total of 120 days per calendar year.

    Recreational residences may remain on the property indefinitely provided they are not within 100 feet of any county or association road, and at least 100 feet from other River Ranch Longs Canyon lot lines.

    All recreational residences must contain, and use, fully self-contained sanitary facilities or other sanitary facilities as approved by the Las Animas County Health Department.