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Ponderosa Hills Ranch

Ponderosa Hills Ranch is a very large mountain ranch subdivision with four phases of development recorded in Las Animas County records, each with 35 and 40-acre tracts of mountain land. Some are irregular shaped 35-acre tracts while the majority of them are the typical mile square, 40-acre tracts. Some tracts of mountain land have power and phone while many are without these amenities, and make for great off-grid living. The elevation runs between 6400 and 7400 feet with varied terrain from very gentle to extremely steep. We've been able to walk some awesome meadow land that was so peaceful we didn't want to leave, to some steep, hilly land that only a rock climber would love, to everything in between too.




There's a nice blend of pinion, cedar, ponderosa, and Douglas fir trees throughout the ranch along with some great rock out-croppings and other natural mountain wonders. Some parcels have excellent views of the surrounding mountains, including the Sangre de Cristos and the Spanish Peaks. Others have that hidden away feeling with interior valley views that remind us of the Cartwrights on the old TV show "Bonanza". There's a little bit of everything here in this ranch including one of the most affordable POA dues, and a fairly inactive Property Owner's Association, which is mostly concerned with road maintenance.


Location: The Ranch is located between Exits 23 and 27 of Interstate 25 approximately 9-13 miles North of Trinidad and approximately 3-4 miles West of the interstate

Number of Parcels & Approximate Acreage: There are approximately 4 phases of this ranch subdivided into many 40-acre parcels

Schools: Trinidad

Property Tax Range for Raw Land:

Special Assessments: ____Yes __x_None Known

Property Owner's Association (POA): __x__Yes ____No

POA Dues: $100.00 for vacant parcels and $250.00 for a parcel which has a house thereon completed and ready for occupancy. This is to be used for the maintenance and repair of the common roads and Common Areas.
(NOTE: No POA dues were required by the developer for 2002 as the developer has pulled out and there is no "structured" governing POA today.)

Covenants: __x_Yes ____No

    Highlights of Covenants: The highlights listed below are primarily for the forty-acre tracts. It would be advisable to obtain copies of the covenants, if any, for each phase of development.

    Home Styles: Las Animas County Zoning Regulations Only

    Home Sizes: Las Animas County Zoning Regulations Only

    Number of Dwellings: One single-family dwelling and one guesthouse.

    Set-Back Requirements: A ten-foot easement around the perimeter of each and every parcel shall be reserved for the use, if needed, to create a more direct route for installation and maintenance of utilities.

    Home-Based Offices: None mentioned.

    Animals: Horses shall be restricted to the respective owner's parcels and shall not be permitted to wander or stray onto the property of others. Horses may be used for recreational purposes only. Animals or livestock other than dogs, cats or other household pets, shall be permitted on the respective owner's parcels, as long as the property boundary is fenced with standard 4-strand barbed wire or other fencing material adequate to keep such livestock from straying onto the property of others. Each 40 acres parcel will be limited to a reasonable livestock count that can be adequately maintained on each individual 4- acre parcel. The POA will have final approval on the number of cattle, pigs, horses, etc., to be permitted on each 40 acres. All livestock facilities must be kept in a neat, clean and attractive manner.

    Roads: Dues are to be used for the maintenance and repair of the common roads and Common Areas by the POA.

    Camping: Owner camping on the owner's parcel is permitted, provided the campsite is kept in neat and clean condition at all times. On breaking camp, campers shall make every effort to return the campsite to its natural condition.

    Hunting: Hunting is limited to the recorded owners of a parcel, plus two guests at any one time, with a maximum of six people in a hunting party, exclusive of spouses or children sixteen and under, unless written permission is obtained in advance from the Committee. Individual property owners can restrict hunting on their property by fencing or properly posting same. Anyone so restricting their property, also loses all hunting rights on the remainder of subject property. The Committee reserves the right to change the areas open to hunting as development within the subject property progresses.