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Eagles Landing

Eagles Landing - Mountain land in Colorado Just five minutes from prestigious Stonewall, Colorado, you will find the gated mountain community of Eagles Landing. With well-maintained roads and easy access there is lots of room to roam, abundant deer and elk, some breathtaking views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Tercio Canyon, the infamous Stone Wall, and the Spanish Peaks. This is not foothills property, but true Rocky Mountain land. The elevation is approximately 7800-8900 feet.





Eagles Landing - Mountain land in Colorado Most of the mountain properties within this ranch are fairly steep and the first mile of road into the ranch may be difficult for large RV use. Due to the varied mountain terrain and steepness, many of the properties have building sites close to the road, and most properties have electrical service while some remain off-grid.






Eagles Landing - Mountain property in Colorado Throughout the ranch you'll find predominately ponderosa pines, douglas firs, lots of oak brush, some meadows, some rock outcroppings, and abundant wildlife. Bald eagles have been seen soaring over this area, and it has been taught that the eagle nests high in the mountains where the air is clean and the movement free. In the Native American tradition, eagle medicine means illumination, and is indicative of the connection to the Divine and the ability to soar above the mundane. Eagle often asks that you give yourself permission to be free and follow the desires of your heart. It often speaks to us of building our nests on higher ground. Eagles Landing is certainly a location to consider if you want that high altitude, close to the Creator living, and still be only 40-50 minutes from the city.


Location: Approximately 27 miles from Trinidad, Colorado and 2.8 miles east of Stonewall, Colorado just off Highway 12, the Scenic Highway of Legends.

Number of Parcels & Approximate Acreage: 52 thirty-five acre parcels

Schools: Primero

Property Tax Range for Raw Land: $15.00-$40.00 per year.

Special Assessments: __x__Yes ____None Known
Through December 2002, an extra $100.00 has been added to POA dues for the payment of the key-card entrance gate.

Property Owner's Association (POA): __x__Yes ____No

POA Dues: $400.00 per year (including the 2002 special assessment).

Covenants: __x_Yes ____No

    Highlights of Covenants: No lot may be subdivided less than 35 acres. There are Protective Covenants, but they are not overly restrictive.

    Home styles: No mobile homes or double-wide mobile homes shall be allowed to be placed on the property. This restriction shall not preclude the construction of quality component or modular housing, on a permanent, concrete foundation.

    Home sizes: Must be within applicable rules and regulations of public agencies having jurisdiction.

    Number Of Dwellings: No more than one residence and accompanying outbuildings may be permitted per lot. Each residence may also have a guest house.

    Set Back Requirements: No building may be built within 30 feet of any Lot boundary.

    Home-Based Offices: No lot shall be used for commercial purposes.

    Animals: Any animals kept by a Lot owner must be contained by an adequate fence, within the boundaries of the Lot. No Lot Owner will be permitted to operate a hog farm or feedlot on any Lot.

    Roads: All common easements shall be maintained by the Landowner's association.

    Camping: A pick-up camper, camp trailer, motor home, or tent may occupy a parcel for recreational purposes only and shall not become a permanent dwelling.